Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Factors of Success

Allah says, interpretation of meaning,

(By the mercy of Allah – O Prophet, you were gentle with them. And if you had been ill-mannered and hard-heated, they would have deserted you.)
[Q 3:159]

     This aya contains factors of the prophetic message’s success, principles of Islamic ruling, and methodology of behavior with people. The first factor is that the Prophet (saaw) had a gentle, merciful heart, encompassing all people. Allah, be exalted, had made His prophet easy-going, amenable, and very compassionate. If he had been ill-mannered and hard-hearted, people would have had deserted him. However, Allah sent him as a merciful gift to all men. He also made him a role model in ethics and behavior. Of these factors, Allah commanded His prophet to abide by, is to forgive his people mistakes, and not pay them back their ill-treatment with him; rather, he would meet wrongdoing with kindness, and he would ask Allah to forgive them for their mistakes. (At-Tafsîr al-Wasît, Az-Zuhyly, Wahba Mustafa). 

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