Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Qur’an Interpretation: Difference of Diversity

Difference of Diversity: It is when there are more than one interpretation of a given word or phrase in the Qur’an; however, the meaning is the same and does not contradict the other interpretations.
For example, the commentators of the Qur’an gave different interpretations for ‘as-sirãt al-mustaqîm, the straight path’ in sûra al-Fãtiha [Q 1:6].
Some commentators said it means the Qur’an, some said it means Islam, and others said it means following as-Sunna wa-al-Jamã’a. Apparently, these are different descriptions; however, they all refer to one thing, i.e. the straight path. Whoever follows the Qur’an follows the straight path. Similarly, whoever follows Islam, follows the straight path, and whoever follows as-Sunna wa-al-Jamã’a, follows the straight path. Thus, there are no contradictions. They are variety of descriptions, i.e. diversity.

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