Friday, February 3, 2017

Truthfulness is Salvation (1)

Rabi’î bin Jirãsh was a followers of the companions of the Prophet.
He was trustworthy and never lied in his life.
He had two sons accused of disobeying the commands of al-Hajãj bin Yusuf ath-Thaqafî.
Al-Hajãj was told that their father never lied in his life, and if you asked him about where they were, he would tell you.
Al-Hajãj ordered him to come to meet him. Then asked him,
“Where are your sons?”
 He replied, “They are at home.”
Al-Hajãj said,
 “I forgive them because of your truthfulness.”
[Tãrîkh Bagdag, al-Khatîb al-Baghdadî] 

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