Friday, June 24, 2016

Listen Attentively

A man came to Abdul-Allah bin Mas’ûd. He said, 
“Advise me.” 
Abdul-Allah said,
 “If you hear Allah saying, “O you have believed, then you should listen to it attentively.
 It is a good thing you are commanded to do, or an evil you are forbidden to do.”

Friday, June 17, 2016

Leadership & Example

A leader can convince his followers to abide by his commands by applying them he himself and thus setting a practical example for what he advocates peacefully and practically. 


Change needs time to take place. Thus, advocate of a just cause should not expect to realize their goals rapidly as if people were only waiting for them and as soon as they would know of their cause, they would rush to follow and uphold that cause.  In real life, bringing change into existence is a long process involving a great deal of patience, comprise that does affect the principles of the cause, positive communication and negotiation with the followers and adversaries of the cause, and unshakable commitment to the cause.


Human beings, by nature, tend to be in a hurry, but Allah does not become in a hurry because of man’s rashness until affairs are realized as He wished.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Was It Really Out Of My Control?

In 2010, I began to study something, and for some reasons out of my control (I believed so then) I decided to stop.
In 2015, I re-begin to study.
 Between 2010 – 2010, five years.
Now, first, I firmly believe that the decree of Allah is the best, but I ask myself,
‘Was it really out of my control when I stopped my study in 2010?’

The Greatest Loss

The greatest loss is when one is far from his creator, Allah. 
In-human practices by people whom we give a give a lot may cause deep sadness. 
But if we only get our reward in this life, it will be great loss. But thanks to the most generous, wise, merciful one, Allah, this life is only a passage to the permanent life. May Allah give us the best in both lives...Amen.