Saturday, January 28, 2017

The pious shepherd

 Nãfa’ narrated: I went out with Abdul-Allah bin Umar to some parts of al-Madina. There were some of his companions with him. When they sat to eat, a shepherd passed by them. Abdul-Allah called him and invited him to eat with them.
The shepherd said, “I am fasting.” Abdul-Allah replied, “You are fasting in such a hot day, and such a mountain pass, looking after these sheep.”
The shepherd said, “I am making the best of my free time.”
 Ibn Umar was amazed. Then he said, “Will you sell us one of these sheep so that we would slaughter it, and give you some of its meat what you would eat when breaking your fast as well as we will give your its cost.”
The shepherd said, “It is not mine. It belongs to my master. What shall I tell him?”
 Ibn Umar said, “Tell him that a wolf ate it.”
The shepherd left him, raising his hand to the heaven. And he said, “Will Allah not see me?”
Ibn Umar kept repeating, “Will Allah not see me?” After that, when ibn Umar returned to al-Madina, he sent to the master of the shepherd, bought the shepherd, emancipated him, and gave him the sheep.
Indeed, whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah; Allah will give him instead of it something, which is better.
[Sifat as-Safwa]

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